If you like your whiskey a little rough around the edges, look no further than the delicious taste of American bourbon.From Jim Beam to Wild Turkey, and from Buffalo Trace to Widow Jane, we've a multitude of delicious bourbons on offer, so you can truly sample the spirit of America – literally. 

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All bourbons must contain at least 51% corn, and the new spirit must be distilled below 80% ABV. Then comes the waiting game – federal law in the US states that bourbon must be matured for two years at the very least. Why two years, you ask? The climate in America is very different from the climate in Scotland, where three years is the recommended minimum. When maturing, the whisky is stored in white oak barrels – and it’s this amazing wood that gives American bourbons and other whiskies their distinct high notes and faint vanilla flavouring.


If you’re searching for a rustic, rich flavour that is reminiscent of American’s southern states, browse our full collection of delicious bourbons today.