Cognac – a distant cousin of brandy and wine – is almost universally praised for being the most sumptuous of all the spirits distilled from grapes. With the inimitable fruity flavour of the grape blended with warm oak and toffee notes, a sip of Cognac is a sublime treat for any connoisseur.

Cognac, conveniently enough, is named for the town it is created in – Cognac! Along with neighbouring town Jarnac, the two provide most of the world’s Cognac, thanks to thousands of local grape-growers and an industry which has gone from strength to strength.

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Cognac has some very interesting qualities. Much of it evaporates during the distillation process – as many as 20 million bottles worth of the drink are lost. The French have also built up a reputation for being Cognac lovers – but less than 5% of the Cognac produced in the region is actually drunk in France. The rest is important across the world for the enjoyment of Cognac lovers like our loyal customers!

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