Kavalan Whisky

Kavalan is Taiwan’s sole family-owned whisky distillery. Because of this, no other whisky can benefit from the country’s unique pure water and fresh air surroundings, perfect for producing a premium and memorable drop.

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In the world of whisky, Kavalan is considered something of a newcomer when compared to the many time-old, traditional Scotch whisky manufacturers. Taiwan’s very first whisky distillery only started life in 2006, a mere drop in the distilling barrel compared to some of the brands out there. 

That being said, Kavalan has come a long way in such a relatively short space of time, and they’re definitely one to be taken seriously. The Taiwanese company has already made their mark on whisky world, brushing aside many big names to be crowned ‘World’s Best Single Malt Whisky’ at the World Whiskies Awards in 2015. 

Many of the award-winning attributes of Kavalan whisky can be attributed to the distillery itself. After years of searching for the perfect site they settled on a home; a location that enjoys a sub-tropical climate, fresh, pure spring water straight from the Snow Mountain and the cleanest air in the country. All that you need to make an award-winning single malt whisky it seems.