Hibiki Whisky

The Suntory distillery, one of the world’s few mountain distilleries, is inherently connected to nature. Not just in its surroundings but in the ingredients it uses, this Japanese distillery sources spring water from the Southern Alps it is nestled within to create its whisky. These origins are obvious in the Hibiki whisky. Its name meaning ‘resonance’, its flavour and spirit resonates with nature and the elements of the the twenty-four seasons of the ancient Japanese lunar calendar.

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If you’re searching for a blend that exudes the smoothness and very spirit of the popular and revered Japanese whisky, look no further than Hibiki whisky. Regarded by many as a truly complete Japanese whisky, Suntory Hibiki is a blend that combines malt and grain whiskies to maximum effect. By meticulously marrying the two together, they create a spirit that’s completely harmonious and deserving of a home in any self-respecting whisky enthusiast’s cabinet.

Meaning ‘resonance’ in Japanese, Hibiki perfectly upholds Suntory’s ideals and their philosophy of living in harmony with both people and nature, mirroring the subtlety of nature itself with the twenty-four facets to the bottle’s design, a nod to the twenty-four seasons of the traditional calendar of Japan. 

So, what of the whisky itself? Typical of the character of many Suntory whiskies, Hibiki Japanese whisky is incredibly light and easy-drinking. It boasts zesty notes of fresh orange peel and apricot, along with a peppery spice which works wonders alongside the smooth, decadent flavour of white chocolate, lingering longingly on the palate.

Described as an orchestra of flavours and aromas, Hibiki Whisky is a celebration of distilling and showcases fine craftsmanship in each and every blend. This detail even boils down to the stunningly designed, signature glass bottle that it sits in, featuring 24 facets to represent each of the Japanese seasons.

Not only are Hibiki whiskies Japan’s most highly decorated, but they can now be considered among the most popular and prestigiously awarded whiskies across the whole world. Suntory Hibiki Whisky is the epitome of light-yet-decadent, flavour-filled notes of zesty orange peel and fresh apricots which are married together by seductive white chocolate and a spicy black pepper and cinnamon balance that keeps you coming back for more.